Service Opportunity: Mentoring Local Youth

It is about that time again to start planning your schedule for the next school year. Starting in the fall, the Northshore School District is offering you the chance to give back to the community, while acting as a mentor to local youth. They have opportunities for you to get involved both inside and outside of the classroom to provide support and encouragement to young students, while developing your own listening skills and empathy.

This is a great opportunity to serve as a positive role model and truly make a difference in someone's life. They are accepting students from the University of Washington Bothell for roles in a variety of locations. Some of the positions include:

Hang-Time Mentor: act as a mentor to 7th, 8th, and 9th graders during an after-school program by acting as tutors, small group facilitators, and role models.

Classroom Mentor: You will attend certain class periods with students, at various junior high/high schools. You will have the chance to work together with teachers to help students succeed.

North Shore Junior High Titan Time Mentoring: You will have the chance to work with students at risk of failing classes. You can provide tutoring, and help to lead and inspire students towards positive outcomes. This will give you the opportunity to work in challenging situations, while developing empathy and active listening skills.

After-School Homework Center Tutoring: You can put your University education to good use by providing drop in tutoring support to students who need it at local Bothell schools. You will act not only to help the students learn the material so that they can pass their classes, but also serve as a positive role model to local youth.

If you think you might be interested, or if you just want more information just send an email to Ashley MacKinen ( She is happy to help answer any questions that you may have or to connect you with the NorthShore community school district.