Service Spotlight: Thread & Treads With A.C.T.

Students Affecting Change collaborated with another great community minded organization, Achieving Community Transformation, to volunteer for Threads and Treads. Threads and Treads takes donated clothing and makes it available free of charge to those who are in financial need within our community. This gives junior high school students, and their families, a chance to get the clothing they need for the school year. Having a warm coat to get through the winter is something that many of us take for granted. Threads and Treads is leading an effort in our community to make sure that is a reality for all children.

When you volunteer for this organization, you sort out clothing, replenish the racks in the shopping center, and aid those in need of guidance. This is a wonderful opportunity to give back to those in the community. Anyone who is interested is able to volunteer on Thursday’s from 4:00-6:00PM, and can contact me for more information on how to get involved.

Spending time with Linh Huynh, Marielle Jardiel, Auzeen Rasaie of the Achieving Community Transformation team was a wonderful experience. Their compassion and leadership was something that we can all learn from. They are a great organization that helps to plan group volunteer opportunities, where students are able to give back to their community and connect with their peers. You can connect with their A.C.T. by clicking here.

            ­- Ashley MacKinen

 Marielle Jardiel,        Linh Huynh,  Ashley MacKinen, Tate Higgins, Justin Thompson     Photo credit:    Marielle Jardiel

 Marielle Jardiel,  Linh Huynh, Ashley MacKinen, Tate Higgins, Justin Thompson    Photo credit: Marielle Jardiel