Service Spotlight: The Husky 5k

The Husky 5K is a race hosted by the UW Bothell Alumni Council. The proceeds are used to fund student scholarships, and the event has raised $100,000 over the past ten years. Scholarships enable students, who otherwise would not have been able to attend college, to have the chance to pursue an education, and help enhance diversity within the University. Students Affecting Change worked with the UW Bothell alumni council to help staff the race staff with volunteers. 

Some compassionate and motivated Students Affecting Change members volunteered their time last Saturday to help out with the race.

Our Director of Project Management, Erica Qiao, ran the 5k. Brittney Phanivong, Phoebe Ampo, and Madison Bertrand manned water stations, running back and forth throughout, to make sure the runners got water as they were sprinting by. Ashley Thundiyil assisted with check in, and passed out gear to the participants. Erica, Brittney, Phoebe, Madison, and Ashley all took time out of their busy schedules to support a great cause, and did a wonderful job representing us at the Husky 5k.