Service Spotlight: The Inspire STEM Festival

The Inspire STEM Festival is hosted by UW Bothell and sponsored by several partners that are dedicated to encouraging girls (and boys) to become interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This year, over 700 students registered in the workshops with their curious minds! Students were able to attend the street fair, keynote speaker, lunch, and two STEM workshops of their choice. Students Affecting Change took part in helping students and their parents with several tasks to make the festival run smoothly.

Our Director of Community Outreach, Jaymar Golveo and Noelle Ahn helped students and parents with registration. Erica Qiao, our Director of Project Management, checked in and directed students to STEM workshops. Club members, Gloria Ronaldo and Meerit Said, manned the check-in tables to make sure students picked up their packets and t-shirts. Jaymar, Noelle, Erica, Gloria, and Meerit dedicated their time to support the next generation of the STEM field and represented Students Affecting Change and UW Bothell.

Erica, Gloria, and Meerit at the check in station

While volunteering, Erica Qiao directed students towards a workshop called: Search for Pentagonal Tilings (Mathematical Tiling). Dr. Jennifer McLoud­Mann, the workshop speaker and a UWB Mathematics professor inspired a group of 5th­8th grade students with her, Dr. Casey Mann, and student David Von Derau’s newly discovered 15th pentagonal tiling. UWB Mathematics professor Dr. Linda Simonsen also spent time to inspire these students. Students were taught about tessellations, had the opportunity to piece wood­cut pentagons together into a plane, and even encouraged to find new shapes! We appreciate Dr. McLoud­Mann and Dr. Simonsen’s time and commitment in making a difference! Click the button below to learn more about their work: