Hungry Huskies Food Pantry Drive-700 lbs of food donated!

This food drive's purpose is to gather donated food from UWB community members and provide them free-of-charge to UWB students, staff and faculty facing food insecurity or simply need a snack on-the-go. To read more, feel free to read the facts below!

At the end of the donation drive, we were able to have a temporary space (UW1-LL) for students, staff and faculty to grab snacks-on the go anonymously. After most of the 700 lbs of food was gone, we realize the need of campus resources, so Students Affecting Change was able to implement a food pantry location on-campus for students to access from 8:30AM-11:00PM, anonymously.

For access to the food pantry, please visit the UWB Diversity Center (UW1-170). 

Spanish-Romani Activist (Vincente Rodriguez Fernandez) speaking on justice via pop culture

"I understand my travels and my duty as a Romani young man, and my time as a the response to a reality that I cannot accept anymore and I'm full of serenity, full of peace, knowing that I'm using my life and my time in the best best way possible, in the pursuit of JUSTICE." - Vincete Rodriguez Fernandez

On November 8th from 3:30-4:30 in DISC 061 we hosted a speaker, Vicente Rodriguez Fernandez, a Spanish-Romani Activist who is visiting from Spain to speak with us on social justice via pop culture. Thank you for helping us welcome them, and learning about activism around the world!

Pre-Medical & Pre-Dental Program: SMDEP Panel

The Summer Medical and Dental Education Program is hosted at twelve participating AAMC member institutions around the nation. The program offers pre-medical and pre-dental students a variety of academic and career experiences that will support their dental and medical school career preparation. Two of our officers Erica Qiao, Director of Project Management and Jaymar Golveo, Director of Community Outreach participated in SMDEP at the University of Washington School of Medicine and Dentistry for six weeks.

“SMDEP at UWSOM/D has solidified my direction in pursuing a career in medicine. Upon acceptance, I had no idea that this program would help me prepare for medical school or that it would change my perception of our community, the OR, the patient… I highly recommend this program to anyone that is interested in the medical/dental field and wish and be active in the concerning topics in our healthcare field.” -Erica Qiao UWSMDEP Medical Program 2015 Alumni

“There are no words that properly describe my SMDEP experience. It was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. Being surrounded by individuals who are passionate about serving humanity propelled me to grow and work harder for my dreams. This program was truly a blessing in my life, and I am so grateful for the opportunity that was handed to me and the connections that I have made. If you desire to serve others in the field of medicine or dentistry in the future, I absolutely recommend this program.” – Jaymar Golveo UWSMDEP Dental Program 2015 Alumni

After shadowing healthcare professionals and speaking to medical and dental students for six weeks, Erica and Jaymar learned that mentorship comes a long way. This school year, they set a goal for themselves to mentor and spread the word about SMDEP. Erica invited UWSOM CEDI Program Director, Felicity Ana Abeyta-Hendrix and Jaymar invited SMDEP alumni speakers on campus to speak to students about their concerns about the application and experiences.

Felicity Abeyta-Hendrix, UWSOM CEDI Program Coordinator, speaking to students.

Felicity Abeyta-Hendrix, UWSOM CEDI Program Coordinator, speaking to students.

On November 6, Erica and Jaymar hosted a 2 hour long SMDEP Panel that enabled potential applicants to learn about the program and how to properly apply for the program. The event began with introductions, and a presentation by Felicity on the application process. Then, the floor opened up to the SMDEP alumni, where they first discussed their experiences through pictures, followed by students asking them questions about their shocks, dorm life, pros&cons, post-program...

As a result, there were roughly about 15 students who came and were interested in applying to SMDEP. Overall, it was a successful event. It is essential that more students are aware of life changing opportunities like this. Granted, Erica and Jaymar want to spread the word about this program so others can experience the amount of growth and motivation that they experienced over the summer. As our own little institution, we must represent the talented, young, and brilliant minded individuals that we have at UWB, and we are able to do it through this program.

Erica talking about her experience at a Migrant Camp, where she educated children about smoking and lung health.

Erica talking about her experience at a Migrant Camp, where she educated children about smoking and lung health.

Right to Left: Samira Shokati (Pre-dental), Jaymar Golveo (Pre-dental), Phoebe Keryte (Pre-nursing), Erica Qiao (Pre-medical)

Right to Left: Samira Shokati (Pre-dental), Jaymar Golveo (Pre-dental), Phoebe Keryte (Pre-nursing), Erica Qiao (Pre-medical)

Right to Left: Erica Qiao (Pre-medical), Phoebe Keryte (Pre-nursing), Jaymar Golveo (Pre-dental), Felicity Abeyta-Hendrix (UWSOM CEDI Program Coordinator), Samira Shokati (Pre-dental)

Right to Left: Erica Qiao (Pre-medical), Phoebe Keryte (Pre-nursing), Jaymar Golveo (Pre-dental), Felicity Abeyta-Hendrix (UWSOM CEDI Program Coordinator), Samira Shokati (Pre-dental)

For more information regarding this program, please visit -

For further questions regarding the application process, or insight about the program, please contact Jaymar ( or Erica (

We appreciate the people and organizations that made this program possible:

University of Washington School of Medicine and Dentistry | Center for Health Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation | Summer Medical & Dental Education Program

Felicity Abeyta-Hendrix | UWSOM CEDI Program Coordinator

Samira Shokati | Pre-Dental Student studying at GreenriverCollege

Phoebe Keryte | Pre-Nursing Student studying  at Northwest Indian College

Service Spotlight: Bone Marrow Drive

Each year, thousands of people need bone marrow transplants — a procedure which may be their only chance for survival. Although some patients with leukemia or other cancers have a genetically matched family member who can donate, about 70 percent do not. These patients' lives depend on finding an unrelated individual with a compatible human leukocyte antigen profile, often within their own ethnic group, who is willing to donate stem cells to them. A transplant is usually a patients’ last option, and finding a compatible donor can literally be the difference between life and death.

On October 28th 2015, Students Affecting Change hosted a bone marrow registration drive on the University of Washington Bothell Campus. This is something that would not have been possible if not for the vision and dedication of one particular UW Bothell student, Doug Woods. Doug, a former firefighter and current pre-medical student, came up with the idea for the drive in April and worked for six months to coordinate the event. He was motivated by the profound impact bone marrow transplants can have on the lives of others, and he was determined to do what he could to help. Doug planned the drive, scheduled training sessions, and led a team on the day of the drive.

Many Students Affecting Change members also assisted in the planning and coordination of the drive. Ashley Mackinen was instrumental in clearing the many logistical hurdles needed to bring the drive to campus, as well as securing the necessary permissions, spaces, and equipment needed for both the training and the drive. Erica Qiao assisted Doug to help get the word about the drive and to recruit volunteers.

Muna Abushehada, Saurav Kumar, Mengkhy Lay, Tate Higgins, Travis Ouelette, Doug Woods, Kathleen Luu

Additionally, Muna Abushehada, Richard Chear, Charlie England, Seth Farb, Maryonnia Hanson, Tate Higgins, Saurav Kumar, Mengkhy Lay, Kathleen Luu, Van Nguyen, and Travis Ouelette all donated their time to the drive: teaching other students about the science and importance of bone marrow donation, assisting registrants with the necessary paperwork, collecting cheek swabs, and answering questions. This was a total team effort, with each member working together to ensure the drive's success.

As a result of all of the volunteers' hard work and dedication, the event was an overwhelming success. 68 people signed up to become donors, including many from racial and ethnic heritages that are severely underrepresented in the bone marrow registry. The drive greatly exceeded all expectations, and the line of interested donors pushed well past the expected stop time. These results are a testament to all of the hard work put in by each student volunteer, who truly represented what it means to compassionately and selflessly serve. Considering that each potential donor will stay on the registry until they are 61 years old, what these student volunteers and donors were able to accomplish will continue make a difference for the next 40 years.  

Author: Justin Thompson with contributions from Doug Woods

Service Spotlight: The Inspire STEM Festival

The Inspire STEM Festival is hosted by UW Bothell and sponsored by several partners that are dedicated to encouraging girls (and boys) to become interested in careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This year, over 700 students registered in the workshops with their curious minds! Students were able to attend the street fair, keynote speaker, lunch, and two STEM workshops of their choice. Students Affecting Change took part in helping students and their parents with several tasks to make the festival run smoothly.

Our Director of Community Outreach, Jaymar Golveo and Noelle Ahn helped students and parents with registration. Erica Qiao, our Director of Project Management, checked in and directed students to STEM workshops. Club members, Gloria Ronaldo and Meerit Said, manned the check-in tables to make sure students picked up their packets and t-shirts. Jaymar, Noelle, Erica, Gloria, and Meerit dedicated their time to support the next generation of the STEM field and represented Students Affecting Change and UW Bothell.

Erica, Gloria, and Meerit at the check in station

While volunteering, Erica Qiao directed students towards a workshop called: Search for Pentagonal Tilings (Mathematical Tiling). Dr. Jennifer McLoud­Mann, the workshop speaker and a UWB Mathematics professor inspired a group of 5th­8th grade students with her, Dr. Casey Mann, and student David Von Derau’s newly discovered 15th pentagonal tiling. UWB Mathematics professor Dr. Linda Simonsen also spent time to inspire these students. Students were taught about tessellations, had the opportunity to piece wood­cut pentagons together into a plane, and even encouraged to find new shapes! We appreciate Dr. McLoud­Mann and Dr. Simonsen’s time and commitment in making a difference! Click the button below to learn more about their work:

Washington Wildfire Relief

Our State are being ravaged by some of the worst wildfires in recent history. Many of our neighbors have lost their homes and other communities are in immediate danger. Please consider giving what you can and helping our neighbors in need. Here is a list of organizations that are accepting donations to help fight the fires, set up shelters, and provide support to the victims: 

The United Way of Chelan and Douglas Counties

The Salvation Army's Emergency Disaster Service

American Red Cross Disaster Relief 

Okanogan County Community Action Council

Community Foundation of North Central Washington

Room One Fire Recovery

Collaboration: A Key to Success In Any Field


Something that I have learned over the years is the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Each of us has lived a different life and sees the world in a slightly different way. These differences in perspective can allow others to see things that we completely miss, or may lead them to approach a problem in a way we never thought to. Through making a commitment to understanding and integrating the views of a diverse group of people, we enhance our accomplish great things.